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Since 1999 I have been selling and promoting Czech leather goods of high quality. My suppliers are small producers of leather goods with long tradition in this handcraft.

Every product is original thanks to its shade, texture of the leather and also the shape. It is not possible to copy these products because of its character. For this reason you can not come across these products in super, hyper and other possible markets. In my shop you can feel smell of leather and I have enough time to serve all customers and answer their queries. As a code of practice it has not been a problem to exchange any purchased goods. I guarantee after-sale service for all goods.

Come to visit us, enjoy the atmosphere of the shop, it is not necessary to buy something at once, it is enough when you inspire yourself for the next time.

I am looking forward to seeing you


Why to buy Czech goods?

It is a guarantee of good quality
Products are made by experienced Czech handcrafters
Czech producers are willing to repair your products even after the guarantee period
You support traditional handcraft

Why to buy leather?

· Leather is natural material of high quality
Leather is firm and flexible at the same time, can be exposed to extreme conditions, it smells nicely, getting older does not destroy its character

· Leather is modern and ecological
Buying natural products is protecting our nature, these goods are easily decomposited.